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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sasquatch: The Squaw Lake Saga

Last week, I wrote about the USFS closing of Squaw Lake, near Powers, Oregon, and the possible reason being that a hostile, territorial Sasquatch, maybe the reason why. Many of you, I'm sure, have been following the story on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog. If you haven't kept up on the Squaw Lake Saga..... go to Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and start reading the posts, starting on January 25, starting with Dale Saxton's post. He is one of the exploration party, that went to Squaw Lake. That will bring you up to speed. Linda Perry has done a great job, letting people of varying opinions, voice their thoughts.

Someone going by, "Anonymous," left the following comment for me:

Anonymous said...

"There is a column on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that is really got people p.... off. David Paulides has wrote a article about the Squaw Lake party accusing them of trying to kill the creature up there. I would like your input on this irresponsible thing he has said. He is a book pusher nothing else. Many of us are following the story."

After catching myself up on the past few days of banter, I can tell you that I'm basically at a loss for words. Honestly, I'm emotionally exhausted. I appreciate that someone wants to hear what I have to say on the events, and Mr. Paulides statements on Linda's blog. I'd like to make it clear that I'm new to this arena. I'm just a Sasquatch enthusiast with a blog, who aspires to get up off the couch, and get out in the field to do some of my own research. Mr. Paulides has years of experience in Bigfooting, and has happened to write a couple of well respected books on the subject. I think many of his peers respect his work, as he is usually invited to speak at many "Squatchy" type gatherings, symposiums, etc. This includes the upcoming Oregon Bigfoot Symposium in June. I didn't see his comments as "pushing" his books. Honestly, in the Bigfoot genre, they are a couple of the more widely read books, from what I understand. I, have not read them. I haven't read any Bigfoot/Sasquatch books. The Internet has fed me all I've had time to read, for now.

When Mr. Paulides mentioned examples from his books, I didn't take it that he was publicizing his books. I took it that he was referring to them because they are well known, Squatch related books. I have a couple t-shirts I designed for fun, on my blog. Does that make me a t-shirt pusher? I'm not taking a swipe at you "Anonymous." I'm just trying to put it in to perspective. Obviously his comments, "Maybe there is no study taking place, maybe they are going in to bring out a body?" and "It would appear that they are going out to kill it, thus the dogs and the tracker." drew out a lot of emotion. Mr. Paulides is all about preserving the species, and may have said that too out of fear of what might happen out there. I happen to agree with Mr. Paulides remark, that with a dog and a professional tracker, it does sound like a hunting party. BUT..... I have been reading Dale's posts since I've been regularly visiting Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and I don't think he'd have anything to do with the killing of a Bigfoot. He seems just as concerned for the Squatch's well being, as I or Mr. Paulides.

Let us remember the forum in which Mr. Paulides made these comments. Bigfoot Ballyhoo is basically an open forum in which Linda encourages "Bigfoot" discussion. Now if it were I, or Anonymous voicing our opinions in such a way, I don't think it would have elicited as much anger, as it did with Mr. Paulides, because of who he is. Again, he voiced his opinion in an open discussion forum. So as far as his comments being irresponsible? I don't think so, not in this forum, where many of us have voiced our opinions, negative, or otherwise.

It is unfortunate however, that the guy from the Redding rag had to over-sensationalize the story, and PETA had to get involved so they could get more press. I'm glad, if arrests were made in the PETA incident.

As I finish up writing this, I briefly hopped over to Bigfoot Ballyhoo to see if there has been an update from Dale Saxton on the matter. His daughter just posted that Dale is in the hospital with pneumonia. She's saddened by the inferences, that her dad would want to trap or kill a Sasquatch, as he's devoted much of his life to protecting them. CLICK HERE to read more about what was found.

Anonymous, there's my 2 cents. Maybe only worth 1 cent, but there it is nonetheless. Thanks for posting your comments.

Mr. Saxton, best wishes to you Sir in a speedy recovery. Thanks for keeping us informed. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you return to the keyboard.

Mr. Paulides, thank you for all the information you passed along.

Thank you Linda, for keeping the Squatch talk going.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bigfoot: On American Paranormal, National Geographic Channel

Don't forget! Tonight at 8pm EST, the new Bigfoot Episode of American Paranormal, airs tonight on NatGeo (National Geographic channel). If you miss the 8pm/5pm Pacific, it airs again 3 hours later, and I think, one more time after that. Check your local TV schedule! Enjoy!

Click Here to read more.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OREGON: There's A Lot Going On Up There!

I know it is out of my area of concentration, but Oregon, our neighbor to the north, has been a busy place of late, as far as Bigfoot sightings go. I will admit, that I am a "Sasquatch Junkie!" I'm addicted to reading sighting reports. For me, hearing other peoples' "first hand" experiences, are always exciting. In a way, I think I'm living vicariously though them, for that brief amount of time, where they encounter a Sasquatch. Also, I try and absorb as much as I can from the reports, for anything that might help me out in the future, while out in the field.

Linda Newton-Perry (Bigfoot Ballyhoo), has done a great job, in urging witnesses to share their experiences. Linda writes a weekly, Bigfoot related column, for the Douglas County News. Linda and her Husband, also have written 3 Children's books on Bigfoot, as well as maintain a children's Bigfoot website, Bigfoot Fancy 4 Kids. Through her efforts, she wants to make talking about Bigfoot, commonplace. Let's face it. Most of us know they're out there, but the mainstream find us a bit nuts. Linda is trying to change that.

Many recent sightings reported on Linda's site, have been occurring in western Oregon. Especially in an area just southeast of Coos Bay. One area in particular, Squaw Lake, has garnered much attention. So much so, that the U.S. Forest service has closed it down. Reports have come in, about a more "hostile" acting Bigfoot, that has been encountered around Squaw Lake. This past summer, the visitor information sign at the lake, had been destroyed, and a few steel trash cans were smashed and thrown some 60 plus feet out into the lake. A few sources have corroborated that there are researchers, sent by the USFS to Squaw Lake, investigating that which has been reported in the area. CLICK HERE to read one of the articles on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, regarding the Squaw Lake closure.
Click on Image to Enlarge

One of the other hot topics on Bigfoot Ballyhoo, has been the incidents of people reporting sightings to law enforcement agencies. Most sightings occur while people are driving. Some of these people have come forward, to explain how they were treated as lunatics by the authorities, ultimately having their driver's licenses suspended until they can be cleared through a state appointed Psychiatrist/Psychologist. Also, law enforcement officers have reported, being suspended on paid leave until they can clear a psych evaluation, after they too have reported sightings. CLICK HERE to read one law enforcement officer's reported sighting.

It sounds like state authorities are either in total denial, incredibly ignorant, or trying to hide something. Doesn't it?

CLICK HERE to read Linda's column from this week.

These are just some of the topics covered on Linda's blog. She has new reports, almost daily, and she also posts some of the great feedback she gets from her readers. If you are hungry for new Squatch news, on a daily basis, please visit Bigfoot Ballyhoo. In fact, there is a new report, just posted today, from a Fish and Wildlife employee, who had an encounter on January 6. The Bigfoot Ballyhoo link can always be found on the right side of this page, under "More Great BF Links."


Cliff Barackman on The Parafactor - Thursday, January 21 8pm PST

Cliff Barackman will be live, on The Parafactor, Thursday night at 8pm Pacific.

Read more about it on Cliff's blog by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to check out The Parafactor website.

Monday, January 18, 2010

BIGFOOT: Sunday, January 24 at 8pm on National Geographic Channel

I just saw the commercial for "Bigfoot," on NatGeoTV, and wanted to post this ASAP.

Bigfoot: Dr. Jeff Meldrum and John Mionsynski on National Geographic Channel, will air Sunday, January 24 at 8pm.

CLICK HERE to

Dr. Meldrum and John Mionsynski, also appear in one of Jaime Avalos' videos, during the filming of the upcoming "Sierra Sasquatch" episode of MonsterQuest.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great New Videos From Jaime Avalos - Sierra Sasquatch

The date above is actually when I started to write this entry. Date published was actually Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just wanted to make you all aware of some newer videos that Jaime Avalos has posted on his YouTube channel. He was back east over the holidays and on his return, he passed through Reno, where we got a chance to meet up for a few hours. What a genuine, really nice guy! He knows I'm just starting out in my research endeavors, and it was great to sit and talk, and listen to him. It was generous of him to share some of his ideas, and techniques in his approach to field work. Jaime operates outside the "conventional" box, and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of the Sasquatch. It is researchers like Jaime, with this sort of attitude, I am trying to align myself with. I want to stay far away from the guys who are supposedly trying to hunt a Bigfoot down with a tranquilizer gun, so they can put it on display as if it were the "Great Kong." You know the type. The kinda guy that keeps a severed hand in a jar of formaldehyde, and proclaims it to be from Sasquatch. Don't get me started! I digress..... If you have been following this blog for a while, I think you know of the researchers I do respect. "Nuff" said.

Jaime found some interesting stuff while he was back east. In particular, a fresh killed snake, lying in the snow, with no evidence of how it got there. Jaime has had "gift exchange" experiences in the Sierras, and he found the snake near an area where he left some treats. He's not saying that it was a "gift exchange," but it is a thought. Then he came across a particular tree twist, which I got to see first hand, as Jaime brought it back with him. It is a very intricate twist, to a better than 1 inch sapling. No human could have the strength to have twisted that little tree the way it was. There were no signs at all of anything mechanical cutting it. In fact, there were no cuts at all. You can see that it is not a fresh twist, but it's a very interesting formation, nonetheless.

Coincidentally, this past Saturday, I received a call from Jaime, just as I had taken a break from writing this entry. He was calling from the western side of the Sierras, and he gave me an update on what he's been doing since we met, earlier this month. He headed out to the west side, and met up with Ron Morehead ( Then he went to investigate some areas of suspicion, where he thinks the trio he's been tracking, may have been headed toward from the eastern Sierras.

This has got to be the coolest tree twist I've ever seen!

Another stick formation, found in the area near the tree loop (above).

He found some possible tracks, which by their dimensions, could belong to one of the trio. While preparing to cast a print, he heard a loud scream, which he told me, compared to some of Mr. Morehead's recordings. You can hear his reaction in this video, below.

After he followed the direction of the tracks, he came across this stick formation:

If you're familiar with Jaime's videos, you may have seen some of the other "stick" evidence he has come across, while tracking the trio (ie. the new X spot video above). Jaime has the theory, from evidence he has seen, that one of these juvenile Squatches, has a penchant for sticks. Thus, he's dubbed this particular Squatch with the name, Styx.

Jaime hasn't heard anything new on when the "Sierra Sasquatch" episode of MonsterQuest, might air. If I hear anything from him on it, I will definitely post it here.

If you're not familiar with Jaime Avalos, or the "Sierra Sasquatch" MonsterQuest episode, read more by CLICKING HERE.

Mr. Avalos has posted 20 new videos in the past 2 weeks. To see them, CLICK HERE to go to his YouTube channel.

IMAX Figure Is a Nonsquatch!!!

I've been away from the computer for the past 24 hours, and I see it's out now. If you all haven't heard, or seen it yet.....

After the footage was reviewed on Blu-Ray, we can now see it is a guy, with a backpack on. I just saw the footage on Autumn Williams site, and then BFRO. Read Autumn's great commentary by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE for BFRO commentary.

Glad that it was figured out. I've been watching it too much!

Monday, January 11, 2010

BFRO Update on IMAX Footage

BFRO has an update, from a crew member, who worked on the "Great North" video. CLICK HERE to read.

More Dr. Jeff Meldrum on National Geographic

What Bigfoot enthusiast doesn't want more Meldrum? CLICK HERE to go to Cliff Barackman's blog to see a nice peice done by NatGeo on Dr. Meldrum, and read what Cliff has to say about it.

Thanks Cliff!

More on the Second Possible Sasquatch in the IMAX film

OK. I don't know why, but I've neglected to check Autumn Williams' ( blog for the past couple of days. I usually check it a few times everyday, for updates. Anyway, Rick at West Virginia Bigfoot directed me to Autumn's latest post. She has watched it many times too, looking for the second figure, and she was finally able to see it. One of her readers sent her a video clip from YouTube, in which you can see the second figure, pop up. Go read her comments to some of her readers feedback, and see the enhanced video by CLICKING HERE.

Go to Autumn's blog home page to read the other posts she wrote on the IMAX footage. She also has some still photos that actually point out the second figure.

Thanks for the "heads up" Rick!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Follow-up: Sasquatch Caught on IMAX?

I've watched this footage extensively, so now I have a couple more observations to point out. Firstly, it looks too skinny to match up with most sighting reports of a big hulking build. I do like reading the sighting reports from all over the country on the various websites. I have noticed though, especially in reports from the east, there are a considerable amount of reports of thin, lanky subjects being observed. So , in this regard, I'm sure, just as in humans, that there are Squatches of all body types.

Secondly, the most striking thing that makes me think that this very well could be a Sasquatch, is the perceived height of the subject. The BFRO report stated that Caribou are an average of 44 inches at the shoulders. If you compare the size of the subject in the "Great North" footage, to the caribou in the foreground, the hunched over figure of the subject is comparatively much larger than the caribou several yards in front of it. Just imagine, if the subject in question, were to stand straight up, how much taller it would appear to be.

Cliff Barackman has recently posted his observations on the IMAX footage. Please go read his thoughts on the subject by CLICKING HERE.

My friend Rick, over at Bigfoot in West Virginia, had this to say, "I noticed on it at 24 seconds another head(?) pop up ever so briefly to the left of where the first object disappeared. Interesting also how all the animals were avoiding that area too." I've been unable to catch it, but maybe some of you maybe able to see what Rick pointed out. I'm waiting for my copy from Netflix to get here so I can see it on by hi def TV. Not surprising that there is a waiting list for "Great North", but hopefully it will get here soon.

Hopefully, someone in the near future will be able to re-examine the IMAX footage, and talk to the film crew, so we can get a better understanding of what, or who, the figure really is.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sasquatch Caught on IMAX? Watch the Clip Here.

This clip is from "Great North: IMAX,"(2002).

If you look at the link above, just to the right of the play button, you can see a black blobsquatch. It appears at about 9:19, as it pops up from behind an embankment, then moves to the right, and hunches back down. I've gone directly to the HULU page for this video, where I could change the resolution to 480p, which is the highest available on this video, and watched it in fullscreen mode on my 22inch HD wide monitor. The first half of the appearance looks very human, until just before it squats back down. Look at the arm on the right come swinging down. From the bend at the elbow, up to the shoulder, it looks proportionately, way too long to be human, compared to the length of the torso, and appears very Squatch like.

I just became aware of this footage through the BFRO website. Watch the video, and then go read the write up on BFRO. I won't re-hash what they had to say about it. I really like watching the clip, and want to get it up as quickly as possible for everyone to see. How often do we get to see, a halfway decent shot of something, that might be a Squatch? I've come to no certain conslusion, especially until BFRO may hear something back from the show's production crew, but it's fun to watch.

CLICK HERE to read BFRO post on this footage.

Monday, January 4, 2010

From the Archives: Bigfoot Sighting in Genoa, Nevada

Click Image to Enlarge
A view of the sighting area, from Genoa Lakes Golf Club. I believe it is the Canyon in the middle, with a visible green belt going down the center of it, where the stream might be. (Compare this to the aerial map below.)

For about an hour, in September of 1984, 2 female hikers were followed by a Sasquatch, down a hiking trail, above Genoa, Nevada. Kelly, one of the witnesses filed a report with the BFRO in February of 2003. She wrote a great, detailed account, and BFRO also followed up with more details, after they interviewed her.

I thought my fellow Nevadans might enjoy this report. Nevada has very few documented reports, which I think can be attributed to the sparse human population, over such a great area. Unlike Northern California, where the Bay Area alone has a population in excess of 7 million, and the Sacramento area has a population equal to Nevada itself (2.5 million as of 2007, most of which is in, and around, Las Vegas). Smaller population, equals less people venturing out into the wild, which lessens the chances of Sasquatch encounters, in wilderness areas far larger than most in California. The area in which this sighting took place is east, just over the Kingsbury Grade, from South Lake Tahoe.

Please click on and read the report:

BFRO Report #5909.

Click Image to Enlarge

I've gone over the maps to try and outline the location of the encounter. The area in which the sighting occurred is still pristine wilderness. Genoa itself, has grown quite a bit, and is now an upscale golf course community, and million dollar plus homes, line the west side of Centennial Drive, in the area in which Kelly said she parked her truck. It looks like it is all private property on that west side of the street now. I will make a trip down that way in the Spring and see if I can find trail access along there. In the meantime, I have pulled a couple photos from Google Earth of the area. (Google Earth, by the way, is a great free service. I could spend hours on there!)
Click Image to Enlarge
More views of the mountains west of Genoa, Nevada.

There are a few points I found interesting in the report. Firstly, the encounter started with the teenagers running down the hill. This is consistent with theories that Sasquatch are attracted to the presence of children. A couple of teenage boys would probably have been talking loudly, and laughing and giggling, which could have gotten the Squatch's curiosity up. Secondly, two women, walking and talking, who's voices probably carried pretty well through the canyon. This is also consistent with the theory of more frequent sightings with women. Then Kathy, also was playing her recorder at the top of the canyon, where the sound would probably carry rather well. I think maybe all these things combined, added to the reason why they had the encounter, and why the Sasquatch wanted to follow and watch them for as long as it did.

This sighting occurred over 25 years ago, when Genoa wasn't the resort style town it is now, with a then, much smaller population. Back then, all the new homes and golf courses weren't present to deter a Sasquatch coming down from the mountains, to possibly hunt the deer that would frequent the pastures and alfalfa fields along the Carson River. (See the Google Earth photo below of mule deer in Genoa.)

Click Image to Enlarge
Photo from Google Earth of Mule Deer off of Genoa Lane.

I think that particular Squatch, and any it may have socialized with, may now shy away from that area, to avoid possible interaction with humans, and have moved on back toward the southwest.

I thoroughly enjoy Kelly's report! If Kelly, Linda, or anyone they know, come across this article, please let them know I'd love to discuss this further with them.

Kelly, I'd like to thank you for coming forward, and sharing your encounter with the public. Forever now, when I drive through that area, I will look up toward "Bigfoot Canyon," with a big ole grin on my face.
Click Image to Enlarge
This aerial map is for reference, to show the proximity of the sighting(A), to the more well known locales in the area.
Carson City(B) Reno(C)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trailcam Photo from Arkansas

Bigfoot in West Virginia has posted a photo from a researcher in Arkansas. I clearly see a primate sitting, with its head down. It doesn't look like a guy in a suit. You can clearly see the the large deltoid and bicep muscle on it's left side, with good definition visible through the fur. The length of the arm is noticeably long, in comparison to it's torso. Also, the left ear is visible, and it doesn't stick out like they usually do on a chimpanzee. If it isn't an escaped pet, or zoo specimen, then what is it? Since Bigfoot in West Virginia noted that they received permission to post the photo from the source, I am not going to copy and paste it here.CLICK HERE to view Bigfoot in West Virginia's article and photos.

MonsterQuest: Season 3 Premieres Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I just checked, and Season 3 of MonsterQuest premieres Wednesday, January 13, 2010. It appears the first episode will not be Bigfoot related, rather "Killer Jellyfish." I know many of us Squatchers are looking forward to the new season, because it is MonsterQuest that fuels our habitual craving for anything "Bigfoot." We know we are at least expecting at least one episode devoted to Bigfoot. "Sierra Sasquatch," should be airing this season. You can watch a few of the Jaime Avalos videos, on the right side of this page, and see some of the footage he shot during filming, that took place this past October.

If you're not familiar with Mr. Avalos, he had a sighting in 2006, which inspired him to do his own field work, and since, has become a well respected researcher. (CLICK HERE to read his sighting report on BFRO.) I first learned of Mr. Avalos and his work in the Member's area of (Excellent source of anything and everything Squatchy). Autumn Williams did quite an extensive interview with him, discussing his work, and his findings. Mr. Avalos has been following a group of 3 juvenile Sasquatch, over several hundred miles of the Sierras. He has taken dozens of footprint casts, and has had some of the them authenticated by Dr. Meldrum. (See Video Below)

Mr. Avalos has been able to predict their movement, and this is how he has been able to follow them, and gathering more casts. These casts have been found in very desolate areas, from above 10,000 feet in elevation down to below sea level. I'm chomping at the bit to see the Sierra Sasquatch episode! To see more of Jaime's videos, go to his YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE.

Also, Mr. Avalos, Dr. Meldrum, Autumn Williams, Cliff Barackman, and some other great Bigfoot Authorities will be at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium on June 19th and 20th, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon. Hope to see you there!

I just realized that I've profiled Mr. Avalos before, back in October. (CLICK HERE to read.) I do want to reiterate one thing, and I think it applies to any Bigfoot Researcher you may know:

"Please indulge me, but this is purely an idea, a "wish" of sorts, on my behalf. If you are familiar with the areas in the videos, please keep the information to yourselves. I'm sure you'll agree, that one wrong individual, venturing out to one of these locations, could be detrimental to the work Mr. Avalos is conducting, and the individuals, he seems to be building a kinship with. Yes, it's a free country, but if you are a Squatch junkie, like me, you will want to be protective of these individuals he is tracking, and the great stuff Mr. Avalos has been able to accomplish to this point.

I hope you understand my point. "Respect" is where I think I'm trying to go with this. I think that if you are able to watch a few of his videos, you will come to agree with me."


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