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Sunday, January 19, 2014

BIGFOOT: Christmas Weekend 2013 Sasquatch Sighting, South of Minden, Nevada in Alpine County, California

I received a great sighting report that occurred on December 28, 2013, about 35 miles south of Minden, Nevada, in Alpine County, California.

The report came from a gentleman that sent me a report back in April, 2013. CLICK HERE to read. He mentioned that he’d keep in touch if he went back out again. He returned to his area of interest, and had a sighting, the weekend after this past Christmas. Here is his report that he wrote just as he returned home from his sighting:

“Hi Chuck, went back to the area that I'd found the tracks from last April. As you know there hasn't been much snow and was able to get back there as it would normally be closed due to snow. Any ways I parked and started going up the mountainside towards the creek when I heard something large walking through the brush on the other side of the creek that goes up a different mountain side. I quickly turned around and went back to my vehicle and got out of there and headed back down the road about a half mile or so and parked where XXXX Creek is and went hiking around there. Once I got across the half frozen creek, I scanned the ridge top that divided me from where I had heard something walking.
Click on pictures to enlarge

I quickly saw a very large creature standing on top of a rock that was on the ridge top. He was just standing there looking down at the valley below where I was and soaking in the sun as it was starting to set as it was about 3:20 PM. I could see the sun shining on his hair which was brownish grey. He must of been about 8 feet or taller and about 600 to 800 pounds. I watched him for about 6 minutes and then it went to the other side of the ridge that the sun was shining on. It was also on the side of the mountain where I heard the noise. It must of ran quite quickly up to the ridge to watch me drive away to the new spot. I was pretty excited just being able to observed him through the binoculars I forgot about the camera. About ten minutes later after not seeing him I took a photo of the rock he was on which is just left of the tree. If you look at the far rock outcropping to the right of the tree, the bigfoot was almost as big as that. I didn't see any breasts and assumed it was a male. This is probably the same bigfoot that made those tracks from last April and lives in this particular area year round. Nobody was in the area the whole time I was there which I stayed till 4:30 when it was starting to get dark.”
This is my rendering of the sasquatch standing on the ridge that the witness saw through his binoculars

We agreed that I’d keep the location confidential so that is the reason for some of the location details being X’d out. I wrote him back with a few questions:

“That is AWESOME! CONGRATS! So has it sunk in at all on what you saw today? Your email was kinda matter of fact, but I think, emotionally you must be pretty amped up. So you were looking at it through your binos? Did you see it pretty clearly? Make out the face at all? Do you mind if I post your sighting to the website?”

He replied:

“It was spooky as nobody was there in that area as it was getting darker. I could’ve drove back to the original area where I first was but wasn't going to do that being by myself. It's spooky enough on a bright summer day in that area. I couldn't get a good clear look at his face but could see the shine on the hair due do to the setting sun. I could easily see the bulk and height as he stood out on the rock like a sore thumb. That rock was a great look out point as you could see quite of bit around the area. Like to mention that summer I went up above to the right of that arch and sat for hours scanning the mountains especially the ridge tops. The area I'd scanned the most was that particular ridge as there was what appeared to be a large opening in the side of the mountain just up and below where that bigfoot went over on the other side. It's interesting to note that is the same direction that the tracks were leading too. (Referring to his April 2013 report) In the photo of the arch on your website where it shows me inside the arch looking back down to where I found the tracks, you can see the mountain across the stream where it would lead back up to that ridge top where I saw the bigfoot go down the other side.
Side of the ridge that the subject approached from and went back down

I saw the bigfoot as I stood looking directly across the creek from the XXXX at XXXX_XXXX. Yes I was excited but I kept calm as I enjoyed a rare view of a creature that seem to be very relaxed in it's home environment even though it was cold out. I don't think I would want to be up close and face to face with this bigfoot, only from a distance. Plus the fact I now have a special respect for bigfoot now after observing him, don't want to bother him or her getting too closely if I can help it.”

I know there will be those of you who will comment on why he didn't take a picture of it. Think of being in that situation. You're alone, near dusk, and in essence, you're searching for the boogeyman. Then you see it. Unless you are in that situation, you will never know how you will react. I had a similar experience. I've described it before, but will do so again.

My first overnight trip squatching in 2010, we heard vocalizations moving down from the upper elevations, moving down a valley toward us. We were camped out on one side of a meadow, nestled in a valley with a seasonal stream flowing through it. We heard two distinct individuals, on each side of the valley, grunting, howling and/or whooping as they got closer. Reminded me of monkeys. It sounded as if they we're signalling each other every minute or two, to let the other know where they were. As the vocalizations reached a distance that I thought they would be visible at the game trail across the meadow from us, I grabbed my camera and waited. Camera gripped tightly in my right hand.

Across the meadow, I see a small fir tree, about 10 feet tall, start shaking, then I see some dark brown fir. I quietly tried to get my buddy's attention. The tree was still shaking violently, and more fur visible, and whatever it was seemed rather large. I was transfixed this whole time. I was barely able to talk.

"Hey! Hey! It's a....It's a...." I was stuttering because I was thinking I was about to see a sasquatch. It's about 120 yards away. The sun had just set, and there was just enough light to still clearly see, as it finally emerged from the tree line.

"It's a... It's a bear." It was a good sized black bear, about 350 pounds or so. From the time I first was some fur, until I could clearly see what it was, was a span of about 20-30 seconds.

My point being that I was telling myself before hand, "Get the camera up ASAP!" Then, when this was going on, I never lifted the camera up, or even turned it on.

So I figured I'd follow up again with the witness to cover the topic:

"I airbrushed a squatch into the pic for scale. I'm not sure if it ever faced toward you like I drew it, but mainly it is for scale..... Another point, if you want to address it. I know you were in awe of what you were looking at through the binos, so is that why you never thought of the camera? I did the same when I thought I saw a squatch breaking through a tree line, but it ended up being a bear. I was so transfixed that I never raised my camera, which I was gripping in my right hand, ready to go. I know a bunch of folks are going to make comments asking why you never got your camera out, so I was going to mention my experience with it, and if you want to add your thoughts, that would be even better."

"Photo is awesome and comes close in capturing what I saw and hope others could imagine how I felt by looking at the picture with the bigfoot standing on the ridge. Wasn't even thinking of the camera till it was too late. I waited for the bigfoot to appear again so I could get a photo but it was becoming too dark and I finally left."

I want to thank the witness for keeping in touch with me, and letting me share his experience here. We've made tentative plans to go squatchin in that area, and will definitely share that when it happens.


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