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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BIGFOOT: Daylight Sighting Report From Nevada County, California

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I received this report, from whom I find to be a very credible witness. I left his report in his words, and have only XXX'd out a few things for privacy's sake. The area in which this sighting took place is near the area we have had many reports of sasquatch activity.

Thank you Richard for your report.

My name is Richard X. XXXXX, I am employed as an XXXXX teacher at the Nevada County Campus of Sierra College. I have held this position since 1985. Prior to that I was employed as a University and College XXXXX instructor at three different institutions.

I have lived in and around forest environments most of my adult life. I have spent many hours alone in the Tahoe National Forest, most of it fishing, hiking and climbing mountains, camping in some god awful places, wandering on back roads and cutting oak wood for heating my home and for resale. From the time period I was allowed to carry a gun until I was thirty-two years old I was an avid hunter. During that time and since, I have been exceptionally fortunate to have seen three Mountain Lions, one Wolverine, a few Pine Martins, numerous Black Bears in various colors and one Fisher, all living in a wild state within fifty miles of my home in rural Northern California. They stayed alive during and after my experience with them. If there are wild Gray Wolves in the Sierra, I have not seen them.


The following statement is about an experience I shared with a friend while riding in a car on a paved back road at an elevation of about 4,500’on September 27th 2012. My companion at this time was Ms. Neville XXXXXX, a sixty-five year old registered nurse who grew up in Nevada County and has lived an outdoor experience and worked in the outback of Alaska in numerous professions. She is currently employed.

With dusk approaching but visibility still 20/20 we topped out after driving up a fairly steep hill from a river. After about 100 yards on the flat I subliminally noticed a tall shadow between several trees on the right side of the road. As we approached it began to move from a standing posture to a bounding four legged movement leaping across the road in front of us. Two double legged bounds on pavement and it was in the brush on the far side of the road and up the steep scree of cliff face adjacent. The animal was moving at about ten to fifteen degrees away from our vantage point and very quickly, it was no more than twenty feet in front of us when it ran across the road. I did not get a clear look at it’s full face there was a brief eye contact between the two of us. Although I had visual contact with the creature for three seconds at most, I have a very vivid image of the total happening etched in my mind. It was covered with matted black hair. It was not fur, it was hair and about two to three inches in length. I could see separation in the coat that allowed me to see skin which was light, almost white, in color. I was able to see it’s rear feet which were long and wide with toes, the bottoms of the feet were dark brown, almost black. Hair extended completely over the top of the feet. It had no apparent neck, even shorter than a standard human would have. The head was about three quarters the size of mine with a flat foreface and rounded skull. There was no snout, I saw no ear protrusions. I do have a slight memory of very dark eyes looking at me as it began to bound across the road but that was before I was fully focused on the animal. It had very long forelegs and a very flat short chest and trunk. It’s chest reminded me of a adolescent male of our species only much more massive; the shoulder girdle and chest of a primate and not as hair covered as the legs and back.. It’s back was level as it bounded across the road indicating to me that it had limbs of equal length front and back. The creature had lightly muscled limbs that appeared to have longer hair than the main body. It had a distinctive buttocks and no discernable tail; it’s hips more narrow than it’s shoulders. The front legs/arms were moving slightly away from my line of sight and all I could see was the hands or paws were covered with the same long hair extant on the rest of the creature, I could see no finger like appendages. The bounding was very natural and athletic, its legs and arms nearly straight as it quickly bounded across the road.

To say I was astonished would be an understatement. Neville, my companion at the time said: “Another bear, two in one day.” We had seen a yearling digging away at a stump a half hour earlier. I stopped the car and said: “That was not a bear.” She said: “Oh my god, it wasn’t, what was that?” We both made the realization at the same moment. “ A Bigfoot.” Until this experience, I thought most of the proclaimed Big Foot sightings were probably bogus. Seeing is believing, I have to take it all back. To know there is a breeding population of an unknown species living within twenty miles of civilization is mind boggling. Why hasn’t some idiot hunter person shot one and brought it to town on the hood of his or her pickup? What do they eat? Why don’t they get run over? How many are there? How long do they live? This experience has been very humbling for me. My awareness of the out there is forever changed. I think of how fortunate I have been to have had this eye contact experience.

My explanation of the mystery is simple: Human beings follow trails and dislike climbing straight up cliff faces. We are primarily fearful when out of earshot of others of our species. I wonder if a Yeti can get lost? Others of the wild do not . Theirs is a less troubled existence for sure. When we want to go over a mountain, we go the easy way. Who knows what lives out there in the real woods? As I was driving over the Sierra the day before yesterday I realized that the mountains on both sides of the highway had probably never had a human foot pressed down on them. There is so much space where we do not travel. My life has been altered, it is a good thing. The Yeti is one smart critter.

My companion and I stopped off at a local eating establishment and drew what we remembered seeing on paper napkins. Both artists, our memory of what we saw were nearly identical.

A description of the creature to the best of my ability: As to its location , I am mute.

1. At least seven feet in height, not more than 200 pounds in weight. It appeared to be young.

2. Covered with coarse matted black hair as much as three inches in length; light colored skin visible below the hair in places.

3. Front and rear appendages of equal length, very gangly.

4. Large back feet shaped much like a bear or human but more narrow than a bear.

5. Small or non existent neck, flat face, no apparent snout.

6. Human adolescent size cranium, no ear protrusions.

7. Flat chest , short torso, wide shoulders, narrow hips.

8. Very athletic, very fast.

In case anyone ever reads this try to think outside the box.

I , Richard X. XXXXXX, of sound mind and body do declare the above to be a true statement.

Richard XXXXXXX 1.17.2015


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