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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sasquatch: The Squaw Lake Saga

Last week, I wrote about the USFS closing of Squaw Lake, near Powers, Oregon, and the possible reason being that a hostile, territorial Sasquatch, maybe the reason why. Many of you, I'm sure, have been following the story on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog. If you haven't kept up on the Squaw Lake Saga..... go to Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and start reading the posts, starting on January 25, starting with Dale Saxton's post. He is one of the exploration party, that went to Squaw Lake. That will bring you up to speed. Linda Perry has done a great job, letting people of varying opinions, voice their thoughts.

Someone going by, "Anonymous," left the following comment for me:

Anonymous said...

"There is a column on Bigfoot Ballyhoo that is really got people p.... off. David Paulides has wrote a article about the Squaw Lake party accusing them of trying to kill the creature up there. I would like your input on this irresponsible thing he has said. He is a book pusher nothing else. Many of us are following the story."

After catching myself up on the past few days of banter, I can tell you that I'm basically at a loss for words. Honestly, I'm emotionally exhausted. I appreciate that someone wants to hear what I have to say on the events, and Mr. Paulides statements on Linda's blog. I'd like to make it clear that I'm new to this arena. I'm just a Sasquatch enthusiast with a blog, who aspires to get up off the couch, and get out in the field to do some of my own research. Mr. Paulides has years of experience in Bigfooting, and has happened to write a couple of well respected books on the subject. I think many of his peers respect his work, as he is usually invited to speak at many "Squatchy" type gatherings, symposiums, etc. This includes the upcoming Oregon Bigfoot Symposium in June. I didn't see his comments as "pushing" his books. Honestly, in the Bigfoot genre, they are a couple of the more widely read books, from what I understand. I, have not read them. I haven't read any Bigfoot/Sasquatch books. The Internet has fed me all I've had time to read, for now.

When Mr. Paulides mentioned examples from his books, I didn't take it that he was publicizing his books. I took it that he was referring to them because they are well known, Squatch related books. I have a couple t-shirts I designed for fun, on my blog. Does that make me a t-shirt pusher? I'm not taking a swipe at you "Anonymous." I'm just trying to put it in to perspective. Obviously his comments, "Maybe there is no study taking place, maybe they are going in to bring out a body?" and "It would appear that they are going out to kill it, thus the dogs and the tracker." drew out a lot of emotion. Mr. Paulides is all about preserving the species, and may have said that too out of fear of what might happen out there. I happen to agree with Mr. Paulides remark, that with a dog and a professional tracker, it does sound like a hunting party. BUT..... I have been reading Dale's posts since I've been regularly visiting Bigfoot Ballyhoo, and I don't think he'd have anything to do with the killing of a Bigfoot. He seems just as concerned for the Squatch's well being, as I or Mr. Paulides.

Let us remember the forum in which Mr. Paulides made these comments. Bigfoot Ballyhoo is basically an open forum in which Linda encourages "Bigfoot" discussion. Now if it were I, or Anonymous voicing our opinions in such a way, I don't think it would have elicited as much anger, as it did with Mr. Paulides, because of who he is. Again, he voiced his opinion in an open discussion forum. So as far as his comments being irresponsible? I don't think so, not in this forum, where many of us have voiced our opinions, negative, or otherwise.

It is unfortunate however, that the guy from the Redding rag had to over-sensationalize the story, and PETA had to get involved so they could get more press. I'm glad, if arrests were made in the PETA incident.

As I finish up writing this, I briefly hopped over to Bigfoot Ballyhoo to see if there has been an update from Dale Saxton on the matter. His daughter just posted that Dale is in the hospital with pneumonia. She's saddened by the inferences, that her dad would want to trap or kill a Sasquatch, as he's devoted much of his life to protecting them. CLICK HERE to read more about what was found.

Anonymous, there's my 2 cents. Maybe only worth 1 cent, but there it is nonetheless. Thanks for posting your comments.

Mr. Saxton, best wishes to you Sir in a speedy recovery. Thanks for keeping us informed. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you return to the keyboard.

Mr. Paulides, thank you for all the information you passed along.

Thank you Linda, for keeping the Squatch talk going.

1 comment:

Linda Newton-Perry said...

You are very welcome. I like your T-Shirts. Keep commenting on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We Bigfoot believers need to keep talking. (Don't you think?"


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