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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great New Videos From Jaime Avalos - Sierra Sasquatch

The date above is actually when I started to write this entry. Date published was actually Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just wanted to make you all aware of some newer videos that Jaime Avalos has posted on his YouTube channel. He was back east over the holidays and on his return, he passed through Reno, where we got a chance to meet up for a few hours. What a genuine, really nice guy! He knows I'm just starting out in my research endeavors, and it was great to sit and talk, and listen to him. It was generous of him to share some of his ideas, and techniques in his approach to field work. Jaime operates outside the "conventional" box, and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of the Sasquatch. It is researchers like Jaime, with this sort of attitude, I am trying to align myself with. I want to stay far away from the guys who are supposedly trying to hunt a Bigfoot down with a tranquilizer gun, so they can put it on display as if it were the "Great Kong." You know the type. The kinda guy that keeps a severed hand in a jar of formaldehyde, and proclaims it to be from Sasquatch. Don't get me started! I digress..... If you have been following this blog for a while, I think you know of the researchers I do respect. "Nuff" said.

Jaime found some interesting stuff while he was back east. In particular, a fresh killed snake, lying in the snow, with no evidence of how it got there. Jaime has had "gift exchange" experiences in the Sierras, and he found the snake near an area where he left some treats. He's not saying that it was a "gift exchange," but it is a thought. Then he came across a particular tree twist, which I got to see first hand, as Jaime brought it back with him. It is a very intricate twist, to a better than 1 inch sapling. No human could have the strength to have twisted that little tree the way it was. There were no signs at all of anything mechanical cutting it. In fact, there were no cuts at all. You can see that it is not a fresh twist, but it's a very interesting formation, nonetheless.

Coincidentally, this past Saturday, I received a call from Jaime, just as I had taken a break from writing this entry. He was calling from the western side of the Sierras, and he gave me an update on what he's been doing since we met, earlier this month. He headed out to the west side, and met up with Ron Morehead ( Then he went to investigate some areas of suspicion, where he thinks the trio he's been tracking, may have been headed toward from the eastern Sierras.

This has got to be the coolest tree twist I've ever seen!

Another stick formation, found in the area near the tree loop (above).

He found some possible tracks, which by their dimensions, could belong to one of the trio. While preparing to cast a print, he heard a loud scream, which he told me, compared to some of Mr. Morehead's recordings. You can hear his reaction in this video, below.

After he followed the direction of the tracks, he came across this stick formation:

If you're familiar with Jaime's videos, you may have seen some of the other "stick" evidence he has come across, while tracking the trio (ie. the new X spot video above). Jaime has the theory, from evidence he has seen, that one of these juvenile Squatches, has a penchant for sticks. Thus, he's dubbed this particular Squatch with the name, Styx.

Jaime hasn't heard anything new on when the "Sierra Sasquatch" episode of MonsterQuest, might air. If I hear anything from him on it, I will definitely post it here.

If you're not familiar with Jaime Avalos, or the "Sierra Sasquatch" MonsterQuest episode, read more by CLICKING HERE.

Mr. Avalos has posted 20 new videos in the past 2 weeks. To see them, CLICK HERE to go to his YouTube channel.

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