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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BIGFOOT: Questions from a High School Senior

Over the weekend, I received a request from a young lady, asking if I'd answer some bigfoot related questions for a report she was writing for school. I gladly accepted. I get a question or two every now and then, usually from elementary aged kids. This time, I thought it was way cool that an older student, a high school senior from Senatobia, Mississippi, was writing a report on the subject of sasquatch. I would have gotten a little more in depth in my answers if I'd have known beforehand that she was senior, but I didn't ask her until after the fact. Nonetheless, the questions were answered with what I considered to be easy, and as concisely as I could put them.

After our email exchange, I asked what her motivation was to write about Bigfoot, and she had this to say, "I choose to write on this topic because there is such controversy behind it as to whether it is true or not, and also very interesting!"

Here are the questions and answers:

1. What do you think Bigfoot's social life is like? Lives in groups? Lives alone? Migrates?

With all that I’ve read, heard and observed, my thought is that they live in what I call, Family groups. I believe that there is a dominant male, with females and children. The adolescent aged male squatches, I believe, are the protectors of the group. I do believe some groups do migrate to follow food sources. It would all depend on climate and geography of course. As the groups move, which most agree, would be at night, the males move out ahead of the group, like scouts, laying out safe passage for the rest of the group. This is evidenced by vocalizations heard at night. The males vocalize, and tree knock, to guide the rest of the group. I strongly believe that is why most sightings are of males, and why they usually turn and walk or run the other way to avoid prolonged contact.

2. Do you believe Bigfoot is an undiscovered species? Why or why not?

Yes. From all I’ve seen, heard and experienced, no one can tell me that they don’t exist. Every native tribe in the US and Canada, have a name for bigfoot, and stories of encounters with them, told through their tribal history. I believe them.

I have people I know that have had sightings, and since, they are obsessed with the subject of bigfoot. They devote most of their time off work, researching to learn more. Hundreds of people report seeing them every year. Are they all liars? I don’t think so.

Many credible people in US history have written about encounters with sasquatch. President Theodore Roosevelt, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark are a few examples. You can google their names with bigfoot and read more about them.

World renown scientists, like Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, believe they exist, and believe more work needs to be done in the field of research. Thousands of footprint casts have been collected, from very remote areas. Some of the better specimens have dermal ridges present, and these can not be faked. I believe some hoaxes exist, but there are too many good samples out there, gathered by credible people.

Hair and DNA samples have shown they are from an unknown species of primate. I think the biggest problem is that there hasn't been a major university, that has stepped forward to do a thorough study on the subject. Oxford University is now in the middle of putting together a study on hair and DNA, so we will see how that plays out.

3. What made you become a Bigfoot researcher?

You can read the answer to this in the About Me section on the website. (Down the right column of this webpage.)

4. Is a body needed for scientists to acknowledge Bigfoot's existence?

It is the easiest way to prove it, but I feel it is ethically wrong to kill one to do so. I think clear video interaction, and DNA gathering is enough. The species have survived thousand of years with out us knowing about them, I’m not sure if proving their existence is a good thing or not.

5. Why hasn't Bigfoot become especially common since they are not hunted, are without known predators, and appear to have a sustainable source of food and shelter?

I think their numbers are growing. This is why sighting reports have been rising, and the reports of sightings of multiple squatch seems to be more common. I believe their population was critical back in the 19th and early 20th century when it was more common for humans to be carrying guns. There are several historical reports in newspapers and stories of them being shot, and sometimes even hunted down. I believe they learned that humans were dangerous, and that is why they have been so elusive and try to avoid us as much as they can. Now, it seems in some sightings, they are getting more curious about us, and in some cases, are not as quick to avoid us.

In reading over the Q&A, it occurred to me that "I" was used quite a bit. It's because she asked my opinion, but in reading it again, it made me feel like an egotistical know it all. Haha. Where my opinions come from is a product of what I've learned from other researchers, comparing notes, reading, and experiences form the field over the past several years.

I want to thank this young lady for the questions and allowing me to share it here. Maybe, she can share her finished report with us. I know I'd love to read it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BIGFOOT: Possible Tracks Found South Of Minden, Nevada Near Ebbetts Pass

A man who lives in Minden, Nevada shared some photos and his observations of possible tracks he found near the Ebbetts Pass area, just across the California border. Some details of the exact location have been withheld as he plans on returning for more exploration. Here's what he shared:

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Hi, you told me to keep you updated if I came across any signs of Bigfoot in the Ebbetts Pass area when you responded to my comment with the Woodfords sighting. Went hiking near Ebbetts Pass today April 1 2013 with my two young kids when we came across two separate Sasquatch prints. We went as far as we could till the road was blocked with two signs saying road closed. We turned around and parked just maybe 25 yards or so on the right hand side westbound off on a dirt road that went back 25 yards until there was a patch of snow.

We went over to XXXXXXX Creek to take a look as we were going to go up the canyon following the creek but saw an rock arch up on a peak with my binocular and decided to head there which was off to the left of the creek. Shortly heading up we came upon a patch of snow and saw the first large print in the snow. The snow was hard so the impression wasn't that deep but with a fresh dusting of snow, the print really stood out(without tape measure I was figuring the print to be at least 16 inches long and 7 inches wide). Unfortunately my little boy lost his balance and slid into the track and destroying it before I could get my measuring tape and camera out. The track was headed in the direction we were going, up the mountain.

When we got 2/3 of the way up this very steep mountainside, we found the second print in moist soil under the large pines. The print was going toward XXXXXXX Creek. My little girl was holding the tape measure for me while I took the photo. Where she is holding the tape measure would be the back of the heel and with the tip of the measure two inches away from the toes as she moved the tape measure towards her just as I was taking the photo. The size of the print is 17 inches long and almost 7 inches wide. If you look about three inches below the 13 inch mark, you should be able to see a dropping from a deer as there were a few of them. So it appears the Sasquatch was following a deer trail towards the creek. Just a few feet west of the foot print was the clearing to where you can see the rock arch in the photo.
We hiked up to the arch afterwards and went through the arch which was pretty awesome as it was like a little hidden fortress. In the back of that little fortress against the rock cliff was a tall narrow cave as we couldn't get to it, too risky. I took a photo of the arch looking through down to where we saw the footprint in the trees which you can see in the bottom of the photo. We named the arch Bigfoot Arch as it does look like a foot print. I had no idea that this rock arch was there as you can't see it from the road due to the tall trees. Also there is no trail anywhere in sight as we picked are way through the brush.

There were Sasquatch prints on an old dirt road found back in 2005 in April by some mountain bikers in a canyon just east(1/2 a mile) from where we were just across from Silver Mountain City(old mining town from the 1800s). I'd hike that same canyon last week but didn't come across any signs of Sasquatch. I felt this was a great time to go searching for Sasquatch foot prints being that there is no one back on Hwy 4 due to it being closed. Today I didn't see a single vehicle all the way from Markleeville as we had the whole area to ourselves. I'm guessing we were probably several miles from the deer hunter sighting from last September off of Wolf Creek Road which is in the BFRO database.
In a follow-up email, he added:
Hi, I gave you the wrong date with the mountain bikers aho saw some track neaby by where we were. It was the year 2000, not 2005. The report number is 802 on the BFRO. The 2005 report was a man and woman hiking just over the mountain from where we were above Blue Lakes with the man seeing some tracks. I wish I had some casting material as I'm pretty new to actually looking for Bigfoot. I've always believed sasquatch existed due to the Patterson film but never gave it much thought to actually look for Bigfoot on my many backpacking trips in the trinities where I like to backpack since I was a young man. What got me interested in Bigfoot was hearing the writer who wrote Missing 411 talking on a radio show. I ordered his books Missing 411 along with The Hoopa Project which drove me to actually put my full attention looking for Sasquatch signs like today which panned out.

.... Right now all the deer are hanging out on the west side of 395 in big herds. I would suspect Bigfoot hanging out in the mountain peaks above, as there was a deer kill along a creek that heads west over to Monitor Pass and beyond to where I was hiking today.
I appreciate this gentleman for sharing his observations with us. I would like to note that I find him to be very credible. He works for a state agency and this is why his identity is being withheld.

If you have anything you'd like to share with us, I'm always happy to hear from you.



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