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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Follow-up: Sasquatch Caught on IMAX?

I've watched this footage extensively, so now I have a couple more observations to point out. Firstly, it looks too skinny to match up with most sighting reports of a big hulking build. I do like reading the sighting reports from all over the country on the various websites. I have noticed though, especially in reports from the east, there are a considerable amount of reports of thin, lanky subjects being observed. So , in this regard, I'm sure, just as in humans, that there are Squatches of all body types.

Secondly, the most striking thing that makes me think that this very well could be a Sasquatch, is the perceived height of the subject. The BFRO report stated that Caribou are an average of 44 inches at the shoulders. If you compare the size of the subject in the "Great North" footage, to the caribou in the foreground, the hunched over figure of the subject is comparatively much larger than the caribou several yards in front of it. Just imagine, if the subject in question, were to stand straight up, how much taller it would appear to be.

Cliff Barackman has recently posted his observations on the IMAX footage. Please go read his thoughts on the subject by CLICKING HERE.

My friend Rick, over at Bigfoot in West Virginia, had this to say, "I noticed on it at 24 seconds another head(?) pop up ever so briefly to the left of where the first object disappeared. Interesting also how all the animals were avoiding that area too." I've been unable to catch it, but maybe some of you maybe able to see what Rick pointed out. I'm waiting for my copy from Netflix to get here so I can see it on by hi def TV. Not surprising that there is a waiting list for "Great North", but hopefully it will get here soon.

Hopefully, someone in the near future will be able to re-examine the IMAX footage, and talk to the film crew, so we can get a better understanding of what, or who, the figure really is.

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