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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VIDEO: Tracking Bigfoot in the Sierras

I first heard about Jaime Avalos' work on He did an in depth interview with Autumn Williams, about his work, and the Bigfoot sighting that inspired him to begin his field work.

Mr. Avalos has been tracking a group of prints through the Sierras, starting around the Mammoth, California area. He has taken over 100 print casts. His work has been reviewed by, who is considered the foremost authority on Bigfoot print cast research, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Idaho State University. Here is Mr. Avalos' video of a meeting with Dr. Meldrum:

It has been concluded that the cast are mostly from 3 individuals. The cast were taken from locations as high as 11,000 feet, over a 400 mile area. Mr. Avalos has developed a sense for where these individuals will go next, thusly he has been able to obtain numerous casts from multiple locations, of the 3 same individuals.

Mr. Avalos has a library of some 120 videos on his youtube channel, covering his work. The video above, is the latest entry he has made, and has recently posted, that he has more to come.

Please indulge me, but this is purely an idea, a "wish" of sorts, on my behalf. If you are familiar with the areas in the videos, please keep the information to yourselves. I'm sure you'll agree, that one wrong individual, venturing out to one of these locations, could be detrimental to the work Mr. Avalos is conducting, and the individuals, he seems to be building a kinship with. Yes, it's a free country, but if you are a Squatch junkie, like me, you will want to be protective of these individuals he is tracking, and the great stuff Mr. Avalos has been able to accomplish to this point.

I hope you understand my point. "Respect" is where I think I'm trying to go with this. I think that if you are able to watch a few of his videos, you will come to agree with me.


Anonymous said...

My best buddy and I were skiing at Mammoth mountain in 1989. When a storm blew in later in the afternoon! We rode chair 23 right before they closed the top of the mountain and took our time coming down the face in the whiteout conditions. We took the wrong way down on a run that was already closed(mid mountain) and came to a intermediate run that was vacant. We were doing about 20-30 mph when(I was first) came around a bend and to the left up on the fall line by the tree break...was something I will never forget. It was standing there on two feet with snow on it's fur..just watching us go by! When I got to the end of the run...about 1/8 mile away...I turned to ask my buddy....but before I could speak..he said"what the hell was that"? ...we saw bigfoot that day


Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

@James: I appreciate the report! If you'd be willing to discuss it further, please email me at Thanks!

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Wow, how exciting! I do hope I'll get to see one of these animals one day. But, I'll be happy with a clear photo. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo


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