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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SASQUATCH: Research and Shooting.... REALLY???

Autumn Williams, at Oregon Bigfoot, wrote a piece on her blog about what a long term witnesses view is on some techniques being employed by most researchers today. That's not all, but it's the gist of it. If you are a researcher, aspiring to start, or if you're just into everything "bigfoot," I highly recommend that you read it.

Click Here to read Shooting Sasquatch: A long-term witness perspective, on the Oregon Bigfoot Blog.

Autumn has the trust of several long-term witnesses who share their experiences with her, and she wrote about one of those witness experiences in her book, Enoch: A Bigfoot Story (pictured above)In her latest blog article, Autumn and a long-term witness make some great points about mainstream research techniques. In a radio interview, I once referred to Autumn as the "Fairy Godmother to the Sasquatch." I meant that as a compliment. I don't think that there is a bigger advocate for the well being of the bigfoot, than Autumn Williams. I have always admired her for that. When I was just starting out as an armchair bigfoot blogger, her Oregon Bigfoot site, especially her blog, was one of the places that I learned a lot from. The other place I absorbed a lot was on Cliff Barackman's blog.

When I started to go out into the field, I decided to use an approach where that if there were bigfoot in the area, I would try to habituate them to me. If I found evidence of possible bigfoot activity, I would keep returning to that area. I wore the same shirt, pants and cap, every time, to be recognizable. I wanted them to see that I was respectful, and quiet, and show that I was not a threat. Whenever I stopped for a break, I'd eat an energy bar, fruit or whatever, and I'd leave some behind as a gift, as if I was sharing. To me, it's not "baiting" because I'm sharing what I have, and hopefully they watch me eat. I always took these breaks going up the mountain, and on the way back, what I left behind was gone. More than likely, it was taken by birds, woodchuck, squirrel or raccoon, but I always wanted to show that I was sharing. I didn't tree knock or make calls. That was my routine on day trips.

Then I started to overnight, with my buddy Woodrat. We employ much of the same techniques. I wear the same clothes, no deodorant for 3-4 days we're out there. I only change socks. If the sasquatch have an acute sense of smell, I want them to become familiar with my scent. I wear the same clothes as I wore on my one day trips. Woodrat's area was about 20 miles from my research area, with a viable travel corridor of valleys, and a river connecting my area to his. It is a migration path that I believe the same sasquatch family group could use as they move around to forage for food. I wanted to remain familiar if they are.

I digress..... Back to Autumn's blog.

I don't like bashing or talking bad about other researchers. I'll try not to in this case. This article brought out a very disturbing bit of information that I wasn't aware of. The reason she referenced "Shooting" in the title, was that there was an incident where a researcher shot at a bigfoot to "collect a specimen." Are you freakin SERIOUS??? REALLY??? The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.... Yes! "Conservancy!" On their website, they describe the incident, which occurred during their "Operation Endurance," which covered several weeks in the summer of 2011. In their report, they wrote, "The TBRC investigator fired upon the animal with an auto-loading shotgun in an attempt to collect a specimen." Then they further described how they went tracking the "animal" by looking for blood spots left behind. Just as if they were hunting deer. I'm totally sickened by how they so matter-of-fact-ly, discuss the blatant attempt to kill a sasquatch, all in the name of research. How can they even call themselves "Conservancy?" Who the ______ do they think they are!?!?!?!? To me, it's like an anthropologist going to the Amazon and shooting a member of a pygmy tribe, so they can "collect a specimen," and prove their existence to the world. It's not like we're collecting insects or rodent's here! Sasquatch are far too near human, to be considered a "specimen." I'm sure I'll get some hate mail, but that's fine. I'm entitled to my opinion and so are they. I know 99% the bigfoot community does not condone this. Read the Operation Endurance report by Clicking Here.

What's more egregious is that they may have wounded one. So, what does that group of bigfoot think of humans now? What will they do to protect their family from human's? What would you do? I know what I'd do! Anyone who came into my home, uninvited, who I think might harm my family, will probably not leave alive. So how are these particular sasquatch going to react the next time a human is around? This was totally reckless and irresponsible on the TBRC's part. I've yet to read anywhere that they did not condone the behavior of the shooter. If they have, I apologize, but I've yet to find such. My eyes are literally buggin out of my head right now. My blood pressure is about to make my brain explode. What about you?

Then there's the whole "Sierra Kills" incident, which I've never addressed. I truly hope it's a hoax. Where Justin Smeja supposedly killed those 2 bigfoot, is an easlily traveled route, about 30 miles from where Woodrat and I have our suspected group moving trough. Because of real life issues, Woodrat and I haven't had the chance to overnight up there since the supposed shooting. I'm extremely disturbed at the fact that the sasquatch, we were trying to establish a rapport with, may have fallen victim to human stupidity. It's disturbing all together.

"There's no one in the world who causes more trouble than humans. They drive me crazy! I get so mad when I think about humans, I could scream!" ~Snoopy


Larry Lesh said...


I just read your post on Daryl Colyer and his decision to go essentially BF hunting. I did email him and let him know I disapproved but realize that's his decision my approval/disapproval has little bearing.

As to what may happen he's liable to get somebody killed and that might be him. I'm pretty sure having met him and attended a couple of meetings he accepts that possibility.

However, until the Sasquatch species becomes known and classified it will fall victim to Homo Sapiens. I'm pretty sure the species holds us in contempt for our violent ways. My best,

Anonymous said...

I think we should have an open hunting season on the "concervancy". My God! if one of these guys gets his "speciman" every a-hole with a shotgun and a hapoy trigger finger will be combing the woods. keep them secret...keep them safe.


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