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Friday, March 9, 2012

Politics, Negativity and Sasquatch

I'm relatively new to the world that is "Bigfoot Research." (2.5 years) In that short amount of time, I've noticed an inordinate amount of politics and negativity, compounded by the huge egos of a few squatchers, in the research/blogging community.

The only reason I bring this up is because, my squatchin buddy, Woodrat, was getting tired of all the severe negativity directed at the photo released by Melissa Hovey. There's a big difference between criticism, and blatant negative assault. There's has been way too much of the latter, and this was the final straw for him. Woodrat wrote the following to get some of what he's feeling off his chest:

Negativity in the Sasquatch Research World

I have been squatching for over 10 years . And it was when everyone, well not everyone in the squatching community had a great positive outlook. Now it seems like everybody is more interested in tearing apart the person who posts any possible evidence they might have found. They can be very vindictive and some times just ruthless in there remarks. Yes, I will admit that there are more hoaxes and just plain stupid stuff out there, in my area that I squatch in. There has been a big increase in hoaxes ever since all the sasquatch shows have become popular on TV. Now it seems like you can not go near a campground at night without hearing someone out in the near by woods screaming there heads off, or trying to beat a tree to death.

The worse thing is all the idiots and crackpots putting on ghillie suits or costumes trying to scare people around hiking trails and roads, this is not only crazy but could be deadly to the hoaxer for a couple reasons. First, there are people actively trying to shoot a sasquatch. Scare the wrong person you could also get shot. Second, the worse thing, it's making the sasquatch world nothing but a big joke to most people, then we make it worse, when we the sasquatch research community can do nothing but tear each other apart with nothing but negative criticism about each others work.

If the bigfooting community does not get its act together, and start acting respectful to one another, we will never get above just being a joke to most people. I do understand we will never get rid of the "arm chair," so called researcher that has never stepped into the woods, those who will never get into the woods to do research, but just sit at home bashing the researchers that are working in the field. I do thank some at home researchers that have helped immensely with cleaning up videos and sound files and there work of putting reports together. To them, I do say, "Thank you." We need to work around the disrespect, to build back our reputation to ever be considered a viable field of research.

I do realistically believe we will have a hard time of it, for we have lost all, if not most of our credibility. I truly thank all those who have stuck with it and even have put there professional reputations at risk to keep sasquatching, to go out into the woods, and do the research needed to scientifically prove to the world that sasquatch DO or DON'T exist, even though we all know they do.

For those of you fellow squatchers that have kept the faith through all the negativity that we are dealing with at this time, let's get back to work. Support those who are publishing the unbiased information, and most of all, ignore the negative elements that are hindrance to our psyche. Go squatching! Have fun, and be safe.

By Woodrat the Sasquatch Searcher

Craig Woolheater wrote a piece on Cryptomundo, about Jeff Meldrum's side of the Sierra Kills story. I just read this last night: Jeff Meldrum Addresses Sierra Kills Rumors. I want to thank Craig for writing the article, and it just made me all the more aware that I need to get on Cryptomundo more often.

This is a great example of how Dr. Jeff Meldrum, the one man who gives bigfoot research the most credibility, can get thrown under the bus. Read the article.

I'm a hobbyist. Most researchers are. Some haven't even been out in the field, nor have they ever seen or been near a squatch. Yet these few individuals want to tear other people down. Yes, many over embellish stories. Yes, some even make things up. It's sad that people have to do that. All I can say is, "Knock it off already!"

Luckily, I've had little negativity thrown at me. I could care less when it does come. I'm not looking for notoriety, or a pat on the back from anyone. I do this for myself. I do it because I enjoy it. PERIOD.


Linda Newton-Perry said...

Well said. Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Elmer Teodoro said...

Those were some excellent points you made.

Anonymous said...

WR I agree with much of what you said but one thing this community cannot afford is another bigtime media hoax. So when evidence is presented like it was as the best since P/G then we must look at it closely. That I think is what happen with the Hovey photo. Instead of just releasing it there was a week of hype built into the release. That is going to just bring out the sharks once it is in front of the public. There are people that don't believe anything you'll never get rid of them. But let's not hype things which causes this extreme critisizim.

Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

@Anon: I agree with your "hype" comment, but in defense of Melissa Hovey, I believe that it wasn't her that made the comparison to the P/G film. I'm pretty sure another website did. She simply released the photo and explained the origins of it. I'd dig deeper, but don't have the time to go back through all the posts made of the photo. Thanks for the post.


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