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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I'm Not Squatching.......

Over the past couple months, I've had a few inquiries from readers, as to what my actual profession is.

Well, I am self employed. For many of us, the economy has hit us all hard. My main source of income over the past few years has been currency trading in the Forex market. For those of you who were interested, you can see some of what I do on my Forex blog, On my Forex blog, I like helping new traders in learning the basics of Forex trading, and also learn my style of trading. Yesterday, I posted a potential trade to watch for. Now, I've just finished uploading a video review of how the trade worked out.(See Video Below) Boring stuff for the squatch crowd, but I have fun with it. Actually, it is my Forex blog, that enabled me to begin blogging on sasquatch.

If you must know.... Yes, this is posed, not candid, of me and my two screens I use for trading. Now I use it more for squatching. Researching on one screen, and scouting GoogleEarth on the other.

Other projects I'm involved in, is consulting on "small scale" merger and acquisitions. Assist companies in going public, to raise funds for their businesses. I also have a group of investment bankers I work with, who can raise working capital for smaller publicly traded companies. As you can imagine, the banking and economic crisis has really slowed things down to a crawl, so it gives me time to pursue my squatchy aspirations.

Sometime last summer, I was surfing the net for squatch stuff, and I came across Cliff Barackman's blog. His setup reminded me of my Forex blog. I spent a few hours reading Cliff's blog, and thinking how cool this guy was! I like to fish, scuba dive, golf, but it was reading Cliff's stuff, that made me aware that maybe I can get involved in squatching somehow too. I then thought... "Hmmmmm, maybe I can start blogging on bigfoot, in and around where I live." My first intention was to only blog about bigfoot. Being that I'm generally a big chicken, I never intended to go out into the field. You can read more about why by CLICKING HERE. Since starting this blog, my illicit fear of seeing a bigfoot, has turned into a grand desire.

If you told me a couple years ago, that I'd be doing this? I would have not believed it. BUT, here I am......

FOREX Trading video from my other blog,

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