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Friday, October 9, 2009

My McKenzie River Experience, Oregon 1994

I've always had a fascination with Bigfoot, UFOs, Nessie, Mothman, etc. growing up on the Jersey shore, in the mid 70s. I remember reading such Cryptozooligical stories in my SRA reading books in the 3rd and 4th grades.

Fast forward to Eugene, Oregon, 1994. I lived there working on a project to investigate some potential mining properties on the Oregon Coast, near the town of Alsea. I had a 4x4 sport utility vehicle, which was rental by the way, and drove that thing everywhere. Using only a AAA Oregon map, I traversed many a mountain road, fire roads, logging roads, BLM roads etc. Being an avid fisherman, living in this outdoorsman's paradise for a few months, I took full advantage of my spare time, and explored along rivers and lakes for potential places to throw out the fishing line.

Now, let's remember, this is a time before Internet, and all the Squatch information, sighting reports, etc. that we have available today. I'd seen a few Bigfoot documentaries, and talked to some people about Bigfoot sightings in the area, but never really got anything intriguing. I would have loved to believe, 100% at that time, that Bigfoot was a real being, but in the back of my mind, Sasquatch was only legend. This explains my ability to drive, alone, to the wee corners of Oregon, in some very desolate country, to do my outdoor exploring. Looking for my next fishing hole. If I had strongly believed at the time, that Bigfoot exists, I wouldn't have strayed far. Trust me. Growing up in a house with 4, much older brothers, who scared me all the time, and talked of the bogeyman, and how they would send him to get me, had me sleeping with my parents till I was 9! Had to sleep with a light on till I was a teenager! I am truly a big chicken! If I had any strong feelings of the realities of Bigfoot, I would not have been so bold and gone to the places I did while I lived in Oregon.

One day, I think in late summer, I had gone up the McKenzie River, past the town of Vida, and the McKenzie Bridge, to an area people had said was good to find a little spot to catch some planter Rainbows. I found an area a mile or two from any homes, with forest all around, with room to park off the side of the road. I saw a worn path, down to the edge of the river. It was a steep trail down, about 50 yards to the bottom. There was a huge rock formation sticking out into the river, on my right. So I headed that way to check out the water. There was a deep pool, only about 12 feet across. Below the rocks that formed the pool, there were log jams and debris filling a cove just to the left of my little pool. In the pool, I could see the little keeper sized trout, rising and falling in the current which swirled around the pool. Now this area, is only a couple miles from town. It isn't terribly remote, but it is backed right up to wilderness area.

I had fished this location a few times. So, I am not exactly sure when, I had my experiences, or even recollect how many times it happened. I just remember it was more than once. The things that happened at the time, did not make me think "Bigfoot." Only now, after researching and reading more, I believe I may have had a hairy friend or two watching me.

There were several occasions, I just had that erie feeling that I was being watched. The thought of a mountain lion had crossed my mind, and I was a little spooked. I know of at least 2 occasions, where I heard some crashing noises in the trees across the river, preceded or followed by the smell of skunk, but with more of an acidic, or urine type smell. I just thought at the time, that it was probably a deer or an elk's antlers pushing through tree branches, and the smell was maybe a skunk that lived in the area. I attributed the different "skunk" odor to thinking that it was maybe a different species of skunk, or the smell was different because of geographic reasons, compared to the skunks I was used to in Southern California (where I lived at the time). I also remember hearing some knocking noises, knocking on wood, but nothing extremely loud. I attributed that to other people maybe being in the area. Rafters and drift boats would pass once in a while on this section of the river, so I always assumed other people were around. I never experienced rock throwing, or any unusual animal noises. I only know something was around me.

Knowing what I know now, about the smells associated with Bigfoot sightings, and the loud crashing of sticks and branches breaking, I think there was the distinct possibility that there may have been a Bigfoot near. After reading about some other sightings in the area, mentioning the proximity to the McKenzie Bridge, my theory is not far off base.

Now, not only from my experiences in Oregon, but from my new found interest in Bigfoot Research, I really believe now. Monsterquest and BFRO reports, have really made me not only believe, but I feel as though I "know" Bigfoot is real. Some of what makes me think this, is the more recent studies performed on the Patterson-Gimlin film, the work of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and comments made by Dr. Jane Goodall. That pretty much seals the deal for me!

Now, I've become very interested in the sighting reports in and around the Tahoe area. I live in Reno, and I have become an avid reader of the reports from around this part of the Sierras. It is my intention, to start doing my own research, interviews, field exploration and study. As I said before, I am a huge chicken, but I think the rewards, of experiencing this being, first hand, would be remarkable.

So please, bring me your stories, and/or contacts of people who have had encounters. I will listen with an open mind. I will assure you the utmost in confidentiality. I could care less what people think of my Bigfoot beliefs, but I will honor you and your privacy.

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