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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rick Dyer Supposedly Shoots a Bigfoot, And Then Brags He'd "Die For Bigfoot." REALLY??!!

I don't like trash talking, but this latest video I just watched really makes me want to vomit. Like total projectile. I won't get into the story too much, because those of you who read this blog, probably know the story already.

Rick Dyer was part of the "Bigfoot In A Freezer" hoax a few years ago. Yes, that guy. Now, he supposedly captured what I think is some great video. If that was hoaxed, it looks pretty good to me, especially after reviewing some of the enhancements and analysis done by others on YouTube. Dyer claims to have shot and killed the bigfoot after the video was taken. So, now there is this swirling debate over the truth of it all, and the whereabouts of a body, if it exists, etc. I'm not here to debate any of that. What triggered this response is the total idiocy in his remarks, during a self promoted award ceremony, given by a bigfoot vlogger on YouTube. Usually if I don't agree with another bigfooter, I just ignore it. I couldn't this time. I had to speak my mind, while trying to keep it PG. This is what I posted in the comments:

You love bigfoot? You'd die for bigfoot? Really??? After you supposedly plugged one in the back of the head, you have the balls to say that? Then proclaim you're the greatest tracker in the world? Dude......... Wow! All for the love of bigfoot, huh? Great human being. You should be so proud. If you're so willing to die for Bigfoot, then why is it you didn't step in front of your own bullet, when you decided to shoot it?

Here's his video of self adulation, that triggered my rant:

He also posted another video of himself where he proclaims this whole incident makes him the best bigfoot tracker in the world, in a video where he brags that he's in the news again. I did find something interesting in the the news footage, that is they talked about the location being in the vicinity of San Antonio, where there's been a history of sightings reported by homeless people living in the area. I posted something about that back in December 2009.

I'm sickened also by the vlogger that gave him the "award." Sorry, I can't condone the killing of any squatch, and refuse to affiliate myself with the crowd that does. In self defense only, and this was not. The fact that this vlogger showered words of praise, on how Dyer "Embodies what we think about bigfoot," really got me started. Yeah, baiting one with a pork rib, and shooting it in the head is a real accomplishment worthy of praise...... Come on!

OK, sorry for the mudslinging, but I had to get that off my chest. It was just a little mud. Dyer should be used to it by now. The only other time I went off was when the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy nonchalantly wrote about how they shot one, as to collect a specimen, but never recovering a body, after tracking it and collecting some blood samples along the way. The hypocritical fact of the name, "CONSERVANCY," is what set me off in that instance.

Feel free to comment below. Let it be known that I do screen comments to keep this PG. Kids read this stuff too.


Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

Wow! He's so proud of himself that he even celebrates the killing in art, linked from his webpage. What an a**!!

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted with any bigfoot report that has a involved shooting at bigfoot. I look at these people who have to shoot one or even killing bigfoot as being spiritually unevolved. If someone saw their kid being taken by a bigfoot then that would be alittle different as that would be more natural for a parent protecting their child. I know there are many who have been out in the mountains hunting who have come across bigfoot who could of taken a shot at one but couldn't do it because of them lookng so human like, I have great respect for them. This Earth will still be here long after mankind. This planet goes through many upheavals every so many thousands of year reducing the population of mankind as man struggles to regroup after such events while bigfoot handles the situation much better due to its natural ability to live off the land because of its body structure so well suited for the harsh environment. So basically having this thought in the back of my mind, I can relieve myself some of the many spiritually unevolved humans on this earth who have to do things that hurt others, including bigfoot. I strongly feel the reason I've never seen a bigfoot out in nature after spending my whole life out there since I was a young boy especially the Trinities, is that I don't carry a gun and that I am normally by myself. Being by myself and not with others creates a very quiet atmosphere and a non threatening situation where bigfoot is not interested in me.



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