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Monday, October 18, 2010

SASQUATCH SIGHTINGS: A Second Close Encounter in the Sierras-Part 1

John has completed his written description of his second encounter. He's been working on it in his spare time, so this is why it's taken longer than he would have liked. After you read it, I'm sure you will appreciate the attention to detail in which he describes his encounter. I will break it up into 2 or 3 parts, as his write up came in 4 pages of single spaced, size 10 Arial font, and very narrow margins. He apologized to me for the length of his story, but I don't think it would do any justice to shorten his account.

I had the opportunity to meet with John on two occasions, and spent several hours with him, discussing his encounters, going over Google maps and generally talking squatch. I find John to be a very sincere person, and he has a childlike enthusiasm that is contagious, as he talks about his encounters. I heard this account during our first phone conversation, and then again, over dinner. John's enormous amount of vivid detail, did not waiver. His story was always consistent, and I found no discrepancies in his telling and retelling of this encounter.

Some of you will balk at this encounter, I'm sure. After all, it is part of the squatch game, to have the doubters. I will tell you, for what it's worth, after sitting with John, I believe him. I will be spending more time with John, and we will go out squatching together in the spring. John will appreciate constructive comments. I will not publish any comments that ridicule or berate John. This site is for those who want to read it. I will not get involved in bashing anyone.

Sorry for the rant. I recieved a couple nasty comments directed at me, which is no big deal. I just don't want to be sucked into any drama. I don't need it. Hope you understand my point.

To read John's Encounter 1, click here.

As for me and my last couple of trips, I apologize for not getting anything posted. Woodrat and I spent 4 days up in a place, I will refer to as, "The Meadow." I took a photo of what I like to call, "My first blobsquatch." This was in the first hours of setting up camp. Then nothing eventful happened until we were cleaning up camp, and had some great vocalizations, on three sides of us, that last day. I've just not had a lot of computer time to get caught up on the blog. I'll catch up as soon as I'm able. I have a few pictures to post, along with some video.

As for John..... Here is the second encounter, in his words.

by John


On December 25, 1990 I was in Quincy, California visiting a girl friend. As evening approached I found myself restless and felt like going out for some fun. I asked Amy if she’d like to go out four-wheeling with me. She said she’d like to but stated that she should stay home and take care of her kids. And she also wanted a little time to assemble a toy for her oldest son. Her adopted brother, Michael, over heard the conversation then jumped in saying that he’d like to go four-wheeling with me. As much as I wanted to spend some time with Amy, I gave in to take Michael instead. So we gathered our coats and headed out.

It was snowing outside with about 3” inches of snow on the ground. As we buckled down in my orange 1973 Ford Bronco Michael asked where we were going. I said “I don’t know but I’m sure we could find a place to go”. Michael said he knew of a dirt road near the area of the Quincy dump and suggested we go there. So I said “OK”.

When we were near Michael pointed where to turn off. We stopped and jumped out to lock my hubs. From there we took off on the dirt road.

At this time it was snowing heavier with an accumulation of about 4” on the ground. Being in no rush I drove at a comfortable speed accordingly to the terrain. Having no idea where it leads to, we just followed the road and enjoyed the drive. A short time later, the snow reduced to light flakes falling. The headlights on my Bronco reflecting off the snow enhanced the luminescence all around. Soon, it stopped snowing and the clouds broke open allowing stars to shine brightly, enabling us to see a greater distance clearly. It was so beautiful and peaceful out there.

After driving some distance I looked at my odometer and mentioned that we had already traveled a few miles. We contemplated about turning around and start heading back, but, being indecisive we continued to travel further. It was snowing again when I noticed an open field, a distance ahead, coming into view. The road curved to the left, following lengthwise of the field. Trees and bushes were scattered in between, separating the road from the field. We found a small area, clear of trees and brush, and stopped momentarily to gaze through into the field. Its appearance resembled a half-circular corral with a bottle-neck shaped field, merging into a wider field extending outward lengthwise. Then, something at a distance caught my eye. I pointed my finger and told Michael “Look, there’s something moving out there in that field. It came out from the area where the trees are denser on the other side. Can you see it?” Michael said “Yeah, I see it.” I mentioned to him that it’s probably a bear. Michael wasn’t too sure. We watched it walking through the snow outwards, lengthwise through the field.

After passing, parallel to, the narrow section of the bottle-neck shape field, the road turned right leading us across the field from the left side to the right side. Another dirt road soon appeared on my left hand side a short distance away running parallel with the one I was on. Strange as it was, I wondered what purpose the other road was there for. Before we reached the other side, we saw the creature, on our left side, in the field. After we crossed, the road turned left and led us around a couple of boulders, several trees, and another boulder. Then, the road turned left again, crossing over the field, back to the other side. The mystery ended when I found myself on that road. Looking across the terrain, I noticed the field was curved angular and extended outward lengthwise. Dense clouds and some fog obscured visibility towards the far end of the field. I couldn’t see the trees. Looking to our right, we found ourselves closer to the creature and discovered that it was walking upright. It twisted around and glanced back at us about three times as it continued walking lengthwise through the field. We assumed it must be someone hiking out there. But something didn’t look right. We weren’t sure if the hiker was wearing a back pack, nor did we see any evidence of flashlight use. It was difficult to see him clearly because he was leaning forward and it was snowing.

After reaching back to the left side of the field, the road sloped downward, squirreled around turning towards the right. Trees and brush were scattered about on the right-hand side separating us from the field again. We continued our journey forward. Looking further ahead, I saw the road leading into a right turn. We followed the road around and shortly the field appeared ahead of us. The trees and bushes, on the right-hand side of the road were spacing further apart as we were passing by. As I drove slower, we spotted the hiker a distance away. Michael and I watched as the hiker was getting closer. Then, I stopped momentarily.

An existing fence stood in the field a distance away positioned parallel to the road. The length of it didn’t span completely across, but, openings at each end provided room to pass through. Apparently, the field was part of the half-corral we passed earlier.

It was still snowing when the hiker reached the end of the fence. As I watched him, thoughts were running through my mind. Being miles away from civilization, the hiker must surely be cold and may be lost. And, perhaps, he might appreciate the courtesy of us stopping there to offer him a ride back into town in the comfort of a warm vehicle. But there was something that just didn’t look right and I couldn’t figure it out. The hiker stood near the end of the fence and looked at us for a few moments and contemplated which direction to go. It appeared that he was aiming to cross the road and, also, trying to avoid getting near us. I couldn’t understand why the hiker would want to act that way. Then, he turned to his left, and started walking along the inside of the fence. About half way across he stopped, turned around and returned back where he started. The hiker looked at us again, then proceeded around and walked along the outside of the fence. After he reached the other end he looked over and glanced at us, then looked around. Not knowing which way to go, he turned around and headed back to the other end again, glancing over at us a couple more times along the way. In a small area, he paced a few steps to and fro, and looked around. Then, he moved on.

By his motions, it appeared that he wanted to pass through the center of the field to cross over the road. But observing our presence on the road, he kept towards the other side. Soon, he noticed an obstacle on the ground, probably a large boulder and/or large brush, and he knew he was going to have to get around it somehow. Not seeing an alternative, he decided to pass around it clockwise. The falling snow decreased rapidly then. The hiker turned facing towards us, raised his head looking right at us as he moved forward a few steps. Just then, we were able to ascertain the true identity of the hiker. We had a clear view of him.

Suddenly, our jaws dropped and eyes stretched widely open as we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Leaning forward in our seats we stared intensely on the hiker. That’s when we realized it was not human. Astonishingly and excitedly, we hollered to each other: “WOW, LOOK AT THAT . . . IT’S A SASQUATCH! LOOK AT THAT! IT’S A REAL SASQUATCH!” We were ecstatic.

Click here to read PART 2

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Diann E said...

Great second sighting account. John has a good memory for detail which is a real plus but I suppose you'd remember the details if the odd hiker you were watching and wondering about turned out to be a Sasquatch.


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