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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sasquatch-Bigfoot Video: Possible Vocalizations in North Lake Tahoe

A reader sent me this video earlier today. I'm hoping to hear more from him on the event. I won't say anything more until I have verbal approval from him to discuss it further. Listen to it and see what you think. Let me know in the comment section below, or drop me an email at Some parts sound like a coyote, but then there are parts where it sounds more primate to me.... the scream at 3:19 is interesting.

Good stuff! Thanks for sending me the link!


Anonymous said...

100% coyote I've hunted my whole life and have listened to thousands of them.

Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

I've had a few other well known researchers concur that it is coyotes. BUT.... I've also had a couple other researchers, who beleive that squatches mimic other animals, to communicate, to hunt, etc, where one says "squatch," and the other is befuddled.

Either way, I really enjoy this clip. Thanks for the comments!


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