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This site is dedicated to the research of bigfoot, and it's habitat, in the Tahoe and outlying Sierra region of Nevada and California. We listen to witnesses who want to talk about their experiences, and keep them confidential unless otherwise requested. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about the possible existence of the sasquatch, in the hope that we can all gather a better knowledge of the species, then ultimately, we as a race understand that it's habitat, and way of life, must be protected.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Will the Truth Set us Free?

There has been an amazing amount of sighting activity coming out of western Oregon the past few months, thanks to Linda Newton Perry's blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It makes me think that probably, any day now, someone is going to capture some high quality video footage of a bigfoot.

All this activity has brought me back to thinking, "What happens after discovery?" Meaning, if some sort or irrefutable evidence should come out, proving the existence of a large, bipedal species of hominid, "Then what?"

My thoughts have always been focused on protection of sasquatch and their habitat, after discovery, that I never really thought about any other ramifications of what discovery might bring. ( I wrote about it a couple months back. Part 1/Part 2)

Now, I ask myself this: "What will become of us?"

Just imagine for a minute, the average American Joe, much like myself. I'm a divorced dad who enjoys the outdoors, with my 10 year old son, and a 7 year old daughter. Fishing mountain lakes is our thing we like to do, along with some light hiking and exploring.

Now let's fast forward to post discovery........

Dad wants to take a little fishing trip, but does he take the kids? Is he a bit paranoid to bring his children out to a place where mysterious, 10 foot tall hominids call home? What about the kids mom? If she's anything like my ex, she definitely will put her foot down. Sure, Dad now knows that bigfoots really exist, but does he really know anything about them? What is the true nature of the sasquatch? Dad knows that sasquatch generally avoid humans in reports he's read, but then there are the reports of sasquatch tearing up campgrounds, destroying garbage cans and information signs, shaking and pounding on RV'S and 5th wheels. They also seem to like observing human women and children. Do the sasquatch present a danger? Will it be reckless and irresponsible, of Dad, if he takes the kids out into the wilderness?

After some careful contemplation, Dad decides to err on the side of the safe bet, and he just takes them fishing to the lake at the park. You know, the one wedged between the shopping center and the freeway. There was a 5 year old boy attacked by a dog there last month, but Dad, and the kid's mom will feel safer keeping the kids in town. It's just as well, though the 10 year old wants to go out into the woods and see a sasquatch for himself, the 7 year old daughter has cried hysterically at the thought of a trip to the woods. Mainly, she's freaked out because she keeps seeing that movie trailer on TV about a killer sasquatch stalking, and devouring Girl Scouts, while they are on a camp out at a lake.

Do most causal outdoor enthusiasts give up, and stay home with the Wii, or TV remote instead? It's not what I'd do, but I think it's a great possibility many people will avoid wilderness activities.

Then, what happens to the people who live in rural areas, with forest for their backyard? Are they now too paranoid to even exit the house, at least without a gun? Do they put up safety bars on the windows, and replace the glass French doors with steel security doors? Security companies will make a killing selling these people protection by way of 10 foot electrified fences, and motion censored, mercury vapor spot lights to light up a 100 yard radius around their house. It will be an easy sell too, because the salesmen will prey on peoples fear of the unknown, and make the sasquatch out to be some kind of great beast, or monster.

These are just a couple scenarios that play out in my head, of what might happen with a lot of people. I'm not condoning this type behavior, or paranoia. I'm just thinking out loud. I'm of the school that sasquatch are primarily docile creatures that would rather avoid human contact. They have been elusive for centuries, and we've all enjoyed the outdoors until now, so why should it change?

How will peoples lives be different? Will people avoid the wilderness for fear of the unknown? Can you imagine what some media outlets will do to sensationalize sasquatch stories? Can you see us getting bombarded with a glut of horror movies and books, daemonizing the sasquatch? You bet 'cha! Hollyweird is going to exploit this for all it is worth.

I have read some articles, and seen some TV shows, that refer to sasquatch as "beasts." I don't like the use of the word "beasts," when directed at sasquatch. I actually detest it. It's like a dirty word to me.

Sure, some of you are thinking, "You have never seen a sasquatch, so how can you legitimately chastise the label?"

I think it's just that squatchy feeling in me, that many of us have. That adoration, and wonderment we have when we think, "sasquatch."

I know sightings can be scary, and for many, quite traumatic. I'll probably soil myself! Nonetheless, I hope to have my first sighting one day soon. Will I change my mind about the use of the word, "beast?" No matter how scared I may become, or how badly I soil myself, I doubt it. I guess it's just the Squatcher in me.

(Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.)


Anonymous said...

After it is discovered and deemed an endangered species would you even be allowed back into it's now protected habitat? Would those people with the forest as their backyard be forced to now move? What exactly would the boundaries of it's habitat be? All of Oregon, Washington, Northern CA and the Sierras? The environmental laws could get out of hand very easy. I mean that half jokingly but CA and WA have some really goofball laws in that area.

IMO it is a wild beast. Just like the bear or cougar are wild beasts. They will act out of instinct. The fact that we know almost nothing about BF makes it all the more dangerous. We can try and piece together a rough picture of it's behavior from sightings but there just isn't enough information to go on.

Linda Newton-Perry said...

Wonderful article. Indeed, I've thought of all those things myself, but the animal exists and should be recognized. And laws need to be changed when one reports a sighting to the police. (In some states one can lose his license until checked out by a doctor.) Happy Squatching. Linda Newton-Perry (Lady Perry).

Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

Thanks for your input Anonymous. Maybe I've just watched "Harry and the Hendersons" too many times with my kids! Ha! I appreciate the your comments.

Thank you again Lady Perry:))


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