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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Squatching Ethics, and Bigfoot Rights (Cont'd)

(Please read my first entry on this subject by clicking here, and more importantly, read Autumn Williams 5 Part Series by clicking here)

Before reading Ms. Williams' 5 part series, I'd been thinking... Actually, more like daydreaming about the perfect scenario, in my mind, about what I think would be "ideal proof." Proof, that would satisfy a majority of the scientific community, and a majority of the general public. Proof, without blood, or a capture.

Dr. Jane Goodall


I see a Goodall/Fossey-esk type interaction, recorded in clear video, mostly in daylight, over a few days or weeks. Footage showing the first contact, building trust, sharing gifts and/or food. Becoming accepted. All the while, collecting samples for DNA testing.

Dr. Dian Fossey

Autumn touched on this same "Proof" scenario in Part Five of her series. For me, the most important subject of all, is what to do with the new found evidence? What would the consequences be?

Squatching Ethics

My first thought is, for most researchers, proving the existence of Bigfoot is predominately egotistical. Without getting into a deep theological debate, besides proving the existence of Extraterrestrials, proof of the existence of Bigfoot, would be the most earth shaking scientific revelation, in the era of modern man. I'll admit, I sometimes think about what it would be like, to be the person who proves the existence of Bigfoot. My first thought is how proud my kids would be of me. Let's face it, my name would be immortalized, but to what end? Herein lies the dilemma. What would the discovery, and publicity, do to the Sasquatch?

What happens to almost every species of rare animal? My first thought, is they are usually hunted to extinction. Do a web search for "Dian Fossey Photos," or watch the movie, Gorillas in the Mist. You will see some extremely gruesome examples of what happened to the mountain gorilla. Every sicko trophy collector, from around the world, would come out of the woodwork, to get a literal "piece" of the Sasquatch. They would pay obscene amounts of money for Bigfoot trinkets, to put on their mantle.

Besides trophy hunters, every scientist, wannabe primatologist, and everyday yahoo (such as myself), would descend on the wilds of North America to catch a glimpse of the new found species. Paparazzi and TV producers will all want a piece of the action, because the world will be hungry for anything and everything Sasquatch. We are over populating the earth as it is, and encroaching on the wilds of the world by hundreds of thousands of acres a day. Can you imagine the thousands of "humans" that would be invading the Sasquatches habitat, on a daily basis? Sure, some sort of legislation could eventually be passed, laws to protect Bigfoot. Will it be in time? Obviously, wildlife poaching is a problem around the world. Laws don't stop poachers, they only slow them down a bit.

So, after my "warm and toasty" dissertation, on the evils of revealing Sasquatch to the world, would I actually release the evidence? I'd like to say, "No!" but I'm human. Would my ego, overpower my desire to be loyal to the overall well being of Sasquatch? I'd like to think so. Would optimism in the human race, transcend my fears, and have me believe that revealing Bigfoot to the world, would do more good, than harm? I'm sure I'll never have the need to make this decision, but I can't say that I don't want to either. Or, do I?

Something to think about if you're an active Squatcher.

What would you do?

More good reads on the Subject of Rights and Protection:
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Linda Newton-Perry said...

I don't know what I would do. But, it would be grand to have the animal recognized as an animal. Perhaps we'd watch a little more carefully as we drive through the woods for the animal. How excited we become to glimpse a few deer. What fun it would be to see a Bigfoot, knowing for sure he exists. Linda Newton-Perry author of the blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I am a Bigfoot believer.

Sierra Tahoe Bigfoot Research said...

Thanks for the comment Linda! I really appreciate your passion and respect you devote to all the Bigfoot work you do!


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