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Monday, October 18, 2010

Want to go on a Sasquatch Expedition?

I am writing this to see what interest there would be from the squatch readers, in using the services of a professional outdoor outfitter, to go on a guided expedition.

My friend, Woodrat, who I've gone out squatching with on 3 different occasions, is investigating the possibility of taking out small groups for expeditions, in some of his areas that he has been researching for the past few years.

For me, squatching is a hobby. I do it as a form of entertainment, and for my pure curiousity in sasquatch. Woodrat, on the otherhand, lives, eats and breathes squatch. I find this to be true of many of those who have had actual sightings. I've yet to have a sighting, but during my last 2 trips out with Woodrat, I had some great vocalizations, and wood knocks occur, both at night and in the day. I'm sure if I had the opportunity to see a squatch, my life would forever be changed too.

Woodrat's a former outfitter and hunting guide, and has years of experience in the outdoors. He is interested in turning his passion into a source of income, in these trying times. I know he will do well, as we live in the Reno/Tahoe area, and with the right advertising will draw tourists in as clients. I'm curious to see, what the readers of this blog think of using such a service?

My thought is that there are many, who want to go out and squatch, but don't feel comfortable doing it on their own. I was one. There are some that would like to go out, but don't have the equipment to deal with overnights in the squatchier areas at 5,000 to 8,000 feet in elevation. I was one too. Lastly there are those who would like some guidance as to where to go, or what to look for? There may also be a select few, who have never spent any time, out in the wilderness, and would like to learn the basics. This is the service that Woodrat would like to provide.

I will tell you this, he is passionate about being out there in the mountains. Everytime we are packing up to come home, he dreads the thought of returning to "civilization."

No, it won't be like other squatch "pay to play" expeditions. This will be limited to small groups, and all equipment, food and tent lodgings will be provided. Camp setup and breakdown will be provided also, guest participation will be optional. All one would need is a camera, backpack with hydration bladder (ie. Camelbak), and appropriate clothing. Proper outfitter licenses, permits, insurance, etc. will be gotten for expedtions in CA and NV.

Yes, I know some of you already squatch on your own, and don't need this kind of service. Some of you may think it's a great idea. Any thoughts? I've had a few enquiries, and offers to pay to go out with me, but wasn't really interested.

Woodrat would love to hear some feedback if you're interested. Comment below or drop me an email to Please also click on the poll at the beginning of this blog.


1 comment:

Linda Newton-Perry said...

I think it is a great idea. I wish him much success. My husband believes that once the animal is proclaimed "real" the interest level of people will go through the roof. And I believe people will see him more, because they are looking for him. That will mean more photos.


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