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Sunday, October 9, 2011

VIDEO: UFO over Missouri

No. This is not bigfoot, sasquatch related.

No. I am not a proponent of the squatch and UFOs being related.

I did however see these same lights as a kid, with my mom in 1977 above our neighborhood in 1977 in Barnegat, NJ. I was 11 years old at the time. When I saw this video, it really brought back some memories.

We were dogsitting for some friends, and he was sitting by the screen door, looking up at the sky growling. Me and my mom went to see what he was looking at, so we put him on a leash and walked out into the front yard. These same type of lights were making the same formation, changing positions, in the V pattern, with another light moving from one side of the formation, to the other. We watched them for about 5 minutes. Then they just all of a sudden, disappeared. They seemed to speed away and were gone in a second. The weird thing was that the dog was watching them too. Mom and I waited to see if they'd come back, but then we were both a little freaked out, and went back in the house. Total "deja vu" for me watching that video.

I just read about it on Yahoo News (click to read).

In this video, they just seem to move too deliberately, espcially when they make a V formation of 4 lights, then they moved and reversed the V formation. With 2 lights on the left, then moving to 2 on the right. One comment on YouTube thought they were asian candle light balloons. Possible I guess, but it was just a totally weird, kinda deja vu for me. I know what I saw back in 1977 weren't balloons, or planes, or helicopters, in the way that they sped off. There wasn't any sound. I'll try writing the poster of the video to see how these made their exit. Will write something if I hear back.

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